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Proud projects that make us stand out

All-in-one online learning portal
Protisha is fully-featured online learning portal that helps tutors train there student online via uploaded course material, live-classes and assessment.
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Online Shop Builder
GetOnlineShopNG is a platform that enables sellers get their onlineshop in 5mins or less, fully-featured with online payment, inventory management, instant order notfication.
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Ecommerce for Bulk Foodstuff
FoodlyNG is an ecommerce platform for bulk foodstuff purchase, with several features which includes borrow food, prime cards to access yearly free shipping
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Casflow Manager for Schools
Cointace is a full-featured cashflow manager app for schools with an inventory manager, school fee online payment portal, debt control system, budget system, etc
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Bill and Airtime Purchase
Taangee is a portal that helps you to pay for bills and buy airtime, while you are also earning point for either purchase or refarral to the app
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Ifesinachi Motors App
Transport Management System
Ifesinachi Motors App is a fully-featured portal where travellers can book for bus transport to several places across Nigeria. It also has full accounting portal built within.
Food Online Ordering System
NaomisFoodbox App is an online food ordering system that helps customers acros Lagos to order for food (Continental and Local dishes), it has a Event Food Ordering Section
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Ecommerce for Fashion Items
Kingarb is a full-featured Ecommerce platform for online ordering of fashion items which focus on ladies and children clothing
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Business Website for a Consulting Firm
Ceehech website is a landing page for a consulting firm that helps them showcase basic information about the company to potential clients
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Landing Page for an Event Company
DharaEvent Website is an landing page for DharaEvent that helps to show case pictures of event that has been designed by DharaEvents and information about the company
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Great Nigeria Menders
Nonprofit Organisation for the Poor
Great Nigeria Menders is a portal that helps to support the poor and widow in Nigeria in a bid to mender the broken system in the country
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Video Streaming Platform
ZetraTV is a video streaming platform similar to Youtube, customised to serve exact same need as Youtube with features like comment, like, dislike, share, etc.
Online Revivals
RREM Church Website
Online Revivals is a church website that is aimed at a landing page for the chuurch members, helping to describe that passion of the ministry
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Aboniki Balm Inventory Tracker
Smart Inventory Tracking System
This is a Smart Inventory Tracking System that will help to keep track of the location of each pack of Aboniki Balm in the factory, in other to eliminate manual record and reduce errors
Setro Fashion School
Online Learning Platform for Fashion
This is an online learning platform for fashion where visitors can see available fashion course and they can register on the platform, pay for the courses and start learning online
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